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The power of LinkedIn lies in the ability to leverage the networks of your company, colleagues, employees and their connections to find the best talent. With 161 million professional profiles and more than 2 million company pages, LinkedIn is the biggest social media destination for professional networking. Developing a community of qualified individuals who follow your company and engage with your employees on LinkedIn is essential to recruiting candidates.

Thousands of companies are using LinkedIn Career Pages as a powerful way to showcase their brand and become an employer of choice. When candidates are more engaged, more connected with companies, and better able to find their dream jobs, everybody wins. The goal is to design a page that’s simple and laser-focused on capturing candidates’ attention as soon as they hit the page. This past fall, LinkedIn upgraded the Career Pages design to make it easier for companies to show off your company's unique employer brand via a larger banner image and tagline, focus on personalized jobs and content modules to allow sharing of videos, testimonials, text content and more.

Taking part in LinkedIn group discussions and sharing interesting content, as well as current openings, will bring a new audience back to your company page and eventually to your career or jobs site. You can also promote your openings on relevant industry groups to get your jobs in front of the right candidates.

For some examples of companies doing it right, check out these LinkedIn Career pages: American Express and SAIC.  American Express’ new page is more visual than the old LinkedIn career pages, with a larger image and a couple sentences about the company whose page it is. American Express offers a short 37 second video with CEO Ken Chenault with links below directly to their corporate careers page.  Below the video are employee testimonials and articles with bold images. American Express also continues the branding of their #foraliving campaign throughout the page. As of the date of this article, American Express LinkedIn Career page had an impressive 155,764 followers.

With 119,762 followers, SAIC’s page also has strong continuity of brand with their theme “Secure the Future.” The page focuses on a large image and a 30 second video explaining what SAIC is all about as an organization and how the work that potential candidates would be doing impacts future generations in more ways than they might traditionally expect. More importantly, below the video there are links direct to the career page, Twitter and even Flickr encouraging even further engagement with the company.

 Want to learn more about LinkedIn career pages? Kara Yarnot, former VP, Talent Acquisition Center of Expertise at SAIC & founder of Meritage Talent Solutions will be speaking at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference this July 23-25th to share a corporate case study focused on SAIC’s LinkedIn recruiting strategies.  For more information, please visit and register today using discount code: TDSCO15 for 15% savings.



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