Understanding Social Media Recruitment

By Cheryl Morgan

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Companies that still rely primarily on classified ads and job fairs to recruit talent are in the dark ages when it comes to hiring. More and more recruiters have realized that it's time to go digital; 92 percent have embraced social networking as part of their recruiting strategy. But entering the social media arena for the first time can be intimidating when you don't understand how it works or what the benefits are. Here's an overview to help you get your feet wet. 

Understanding social media recruitment
Social media helps recruiters get the word out about employers and jobs.

Discover the perks of being social.

Are you wondering what's in it for you? After all, setting up social profiles, creating content, finding followers and engaging regularly can require a lot of time and resources. While that's true, going social can help significantly with streamlining your hiring process. According to SparkHire, 33 percent of recruiters who use social and digital technologies report that it takes less time to hire, 43 percent report that they find more candidates, and 49 percent report that the candidates are higher quality.

Let the candidates screen you.

With social recruiting, the recruiter's role takes on less of an advertising role and more of a brand ambassador role. One of the first things candidates do is check out an employer's online presence. It's not enough to have a website; they want to know what you have to say on a daily basis. They want to get a feel for the company culture before they walk through your doors. 

Find followers by telling a story.

Self-promotion is rampant on social media, but that's not what your audience wants to see. Sure, you could post about your job openings and hope that people are interested in applying. But if no one knows who you are or what you do, your efforts will likely be in vain, especially if you want to hire top talent. Storytelling is the key to showing why people want to apply for the work you are promoting. Tell your company's story through the eyes of its employees. Use pictures more than words so that your followers can see the value your company offers. 

Social media recruitment
Use social media to tell a story rather than to advertise. People love a good story!

Let your employees do the recruiting for you.

One of the reasons that social media appeals to so many is that it helps people become thought leaders. Who doesn't want to be the first one to share a great tip, a funny video or a fantastic job opportunity with a friend? By implementing social recruiting, you make it easier for your current employees to refer people in their networks to your company. And candidates sourced through employee referrals have the highest conversion rates, accounting for 40 percent of all hires.

Social media recruitment is a winning strategy. Sure, it takes some effort, but you'll have a pool of qualified, interested candidates that you can pull from anytime.

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